Color Inspiration:
• Color boards -
• Color palette generator -

• -
• Font Squirrel -
• Google Web Fonts -

• Pugly Pixel - My favorite go-to for inspiration, downloadables, tutorials and more
• Stock.XCHNG - ".Royalty-free stock photos! I was introduced to this site during school, and whenever I needed some good photography, textures, and high-res clip art this is the place I went."
• Flickr Creative Commons - " A lot of the photos are shared by Flickr users that agree to release all copyright"
• Social media icon silhouettes – ADD IN LINK

• -
• Sophie Slim - Blog Design 101 - Design EXCELLENT and easy peasy tutorials for making your blog pretty! Includes great tips for improving your blog.

Image Editing Software:
• picmonkey (online)- A FREE online image editor! ♥
• Picasa (download) -
• Photoscape (download) -

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