6. Resizing photos for the web

It is important that when you save photos for use on the web that you re-size them smaller to maximise storage space online on your blog and to reduce the time it takes to upload your photo files. The maximum photo file size you should be aiming to put in a blog post is 500KB - 1MB.

In Picmonkey you can choose to resize your photo when you save it to your computer. You can also go into Picmonkey Settings and select which size file to work with.

If you have a blogger account you are allocated a certain amount of free storage space through Google. However, if you post a large number of photos over a period of time on your blog, you may find that you run out free storage space, even if you resize your photos to a smaller file size each time. If that happens, you can upgrade to paid storage, it only costs $5 USD per year for 20GB.

You can find out how much storage space you’re currently using by clicking on your blogger profile from inside your blog and choosing Account Settings.

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